Verb used to describe various activities that occur on a lake.
Dave: Fuck it's hot out!
Ben: I concur, we are going laking today.
by M.H.Y. June 04, 2010
Top Definition
Lake: verb (West Yorkshire) Play about, fool around, mess on.
"will you stop laking about you little bastard & fuck off to school"
by Alec Vallance June 19, 2009
To ejaculate an immense load on a female's face to the point where she physically can't breath (aka drowning in jizz).
"My bitch went laking last night. I shot so much on her face she nearly drowned."
by WordMasterP October 23, 2013
When a girl ejaculates during sex due to deep internal stimulation, and leaves a nice lake on the sheets. It then feels like your balls are sitting in a lake.
I've had to change my sheets three times this week because my girlfriend keeps laking!
by ramm69 March 14, 2014
The LA kings stands for Latin African kings.the gang started in North arlington new jersey.the gang was made because of all the white people that always think they are better then black,brown latin people etc.This gang is like the bloods and crips...formed out of racism...and they dont take shit from no crackas.
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by Young Mozo July 24, 2009
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