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A beautiful boy or girl. Has big dreams and wants to live it up. Can have a lot of fun, but makes smart choices, never lets anyone take advantage of him or her. Has a sensative side but has a passion for life. Can show the good in people. Can get jealous but stays strong. Would rather be called beautiful than sexy. Or would rather be called handsom then hot. Can be kind of a player but never tend to screw over someone who didnt have it coming. Two ways to spell it Lakely or Lakley, means A loveable person. Very true to their spouse but has a heart for being single and happy. Being involved is most important. Family is life, and friends are their strength, sports are important and so is updated things. Has the moments of forgetting whats important to them. But overall knows nobody is perfect. Aceepts the flaws and tries to make them better.
;Did you see Lakely after school?
;No, I think she went to drama club and then went to set up for the dance friday.
;That's Lakely for you!
by livinglife101 November 06, 2011
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