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1. A girl who makes really weird, scary faces when she thinks no one is looking
2. A very lady-like girl, who does very unlady-like things like burp and eat a lot!
3. A girl who says AIM phrases in real life, such as OMG and JK JK
4. A very smart girl who everyone likes to study with and get notes from
5. A girl who tells very interesting jokes, that only she finds funny; ok maybe other people kinda do too.
1. "Lahee, what the hell face was that?"
2. "Excuse me, that was very unlady-like" says Lahee
3. "OMG, JK JK" says Lahee
4. "Hey, Lahee. Can I borrow you're notes?" - everyone
5. "Ok, so this girl..... hahahahahaha" says Lahee
by Gbean May 03, 2005
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