a person who says they`re going to do something but doesn`t.
Jenny:yer meetin` us at the movies rite??
Brianna:yah. i`ll be there.

(the next day)

Jenny: where is she??
Melissa: that lagger..
by jully. March 04, 2005
Top Definition
A person, male of female, that is expected to work or do something and does not take action due to the fact of his lazyness and or inconsiderate feelings towards other people. Some one who is EXTREMELY LAZY and does not do SHIT!!!!
Marcos you are supposed to come in at 7:00am not 9:00Am.. You fukin Lagger!!!
by aronc January 12, 2008
In online gaming terms, one who joins a server therein bringing the average ping through the roof due to his poor connection.
wtf kick lagger
by TooCrooked August 30, 2003
Someone who plays video games online with less than desireable hardware and/or internet connection. Some common results of having a lagger in your game:
-the entire game slows down or pauses for everyone
-you cannot compete fairly against the lagger because their character, or characters seem to skip around the game, seemingly defying the laws of physics
-if you are the lagger, you will often times unknowingly be defeated due to the fact that you cannot accurately control your actions in the game
That fucking lagger dropped so we got pwned at Dota.
by Lustmord February 27, 2005
A lagger is someone who has a horrid internet connection and lags (slows) up a game and creates problems and annoyances for the other gamers.

Sometimes laggers lag on purpose to create an unfair advantage over their opponents. There are methods and ways to lag a game so that people can't see what they're doing - yet the lagger can still play normal. This is considered cheating and if caught, the players will be banned or suspended from playing.

Lagging, whether it be on purpose or just because you're poor, is frowned upon in the gaming world.
Lagger: get ready i'm gonna standby now and lag the game!

Lagger's Team: Yay!

Legit Team: Dumb noobs.
by Proem March 07, 2010
one who is always running behind time.
we waited an hour for her, she is such a lagger
by cynthia October 08, 2003
A term online gamers use to express that the other gamer has a slow connection.

An expressive way to deny that gamer has beaten you
#1. Wow dude your such a lagger

#2. How did you kill me?! you lagger!
by feezy January 06, 2008
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