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Pronounced LAG-A-LA

Synonyms: Ugh. , Arggghh. , *Sigh*

Antonyms: YAY!, Energetic,

Misspellings: Lag a la, Lag a lah

Correct spelling: Lag-A-Lah (A must be capital.. Dashes not needed, but typical.

Uses: Used when referring to a bad day, taxing situation, something that just tires or exhausts you. When you have a tough day, all you say is LAG-A-LAH.
Friend "Soo how was your day?"
You "Lag-A-Lah"

Meaning, "Ugh.. It just was.. Just.. UGH.. It was difficult, and exhausting for me. I'm sooo done with this day."
by LaLaFunLover101 December 02, 2010
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