Someone that is lagging so hardcore on Xbox LIVE.
"He's lagging everywhere I can't even fucking shoot him."
"Fix your K-Mart connection LagMonster."
by GodDamnNigger August 07, 2009
Top Definition
A supposedly mythical creature that causes lag. Said to have been only seen by veterans of the internets
Mommmmmmmmmy I had that nightmare again with the lag monster.. can I hug my modem...
by Homoriffic December 10, 2006
A car whos turbo charger is sooo big and is pushing out soo much boost, takes off at a set of lights for a race and only after the vehicle has passed through the intersection does it accually accelerate at a rapid rate of speed. Usual out comes are un-controlable sliding and wheel spin.
When Allan was challenged by a pussy whipped Nissan at a set of lights in his RX7, the nissan driver thought he had an easy win when he was first through the intersection until the Lag Monster of Allans flew past him Once he hit 4400rpm!!!
by Jotg October 13, 2006
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