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Stellar Liberal Arts school in eastern PA primarily attended by rich white kids from PA, NJ and New England. Most of the kids here are pretty damn smart and work hard. The students usually try to throw sick parties, but are their frat-tastic parties are usually thwarted by the Draconian administration's nazi-like alcohol regulations. The guys tend to be pretty chill despite their preppy appearance while the girls tend to be snobby and not give anyone the time of day.
Rich: Yo man, I got into Lafayette College today. I'm so stoked because now I don't have to go to Lehigh and drown my sorrows every day for the next 4 years.

Brian: That's good dude. Make sure to bring your daddy's BMW if you ever want to get laid though.
by Frat-tastic 58 August 12, 2009
Lafayette College, nearly a brilliant sentence in itself, is one of the nation's most premier colleges. To say Lafayette is the safety school of Lehigh University (I just puked in my mouth) is perhaps one of the most preposterous statements that can ever be said. True, Lafayette and Lehigh cannot be ranked together, (because they belong to different categories) but nonetheless, Lafayette is ranked better in it's own category (according to US News and World Report). Not only that, but Lafayette's stunning campus is situated upon "the hill," rather than being mixed in with the nasty-thug ghettoes like Lehigh is. What more can be said? Lafayette kicks Lehigh's ugly loser ass any day. Period.
Beautiful Lafayette College Student #1: "Did you see those Neanderthals on campus today?"

Beautiful Lafayette College Student #2: "No, man. They were just some Lehigh students."

Beautiful Lafayette College Student #1: "Wow - thank God we're so much better."
by 18Leo26 June 24, 2011
A liberal arts college largely attended by students from the tri-state area. LC encourages students to have "cur non" (Latin for "why not?") impact. (Incidentally, "cur non" has now become the campus's version of "YOLO" as can be seen on All College Day pinnies.) Some of the College's highlights include the great student-professor interactions, small community, and picturesque campus. Lafayette is also known for having a long-running rivalry with Lehigh University, which is occasion for many a T-shirt that calls students to "pluck Lehigh."
Average Lafayette College student on Laf-Lehigh: I wish I went to Lehigh...said no one ever.
by BengaliHawk October 19, 2012
A Liberal Arts school in Easton PA that students go to when they don't get in to Lehigh University. They are both similar in setting and courses offered.
Lafayette College is the safety school of Lehigh University students
by Bear202 November 30, 2010
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