Some liquid crack, prominently sold in the Tenderloin area of San Francisco.
Slambu lets score some cocaine nah lets catch some ladybugs in the TL.
by Aczyk April 08, 2011
(verb) A ladybug occurs during anal sex when the guy slaps the girls ass until it is red then pulls out and wipes his dick all over making spots all over her ass.
Matt: Yo man I heard you gave your lady a mean ladybug on her birthday

Jared: A ladybug?

Matt: yeah man when you smack her ass a bunch and then you dot her ass with your poop dick

Jared: NICE, ill have to use that one
by Steven Cooper April 05, 2011
A woman that shaves her vaginal area
She wasnt no ladybug, she was a hairy bushed skank.
by lady bug finder August 24, 2003
A tiny short mexican with little black jewel eyes.
ladybug ?

oh, i see !
by sydfishes March 09, 2010
an evil little red thing that likes to land on you and poop on you, laugh and fly away.
Ahh... look at the cute ladybug on my hand. OH SHITT!!!
by shorty with shades December 09, 2008
A woman that shaves her vaginal area.
She wasn't no lady bug, she was a hairy bushed slut!
by lady bug finder August 24, 2003
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