sum fagot that loves emoz/rachele/gay porn
looks like hairy potter..bad BO smell..does not no the meaning of deodarent likes men.
omg that guy iz so ladislav
by Suedong November 16, 2008
Top Definition
Ladislav. Used informally to described a good-looking male who's built like Angelos David but so happens to be either queer to have queer tendencies whilst you're trying to offend him in some way. Implying that he's disgusting attractive without saying it and feeding him negativity. Correctly applies to the milder, less masculine guys that everyone thinks is quite unsociable, or at the least unappreciating.
Girl: (First flirts with Guy with poses) and says "you're sexy

like Ladislav"
Guy: ( Surprised, but isn't taking the girl seriously and stares) saying either little or not much
Girl: "You're rude" "You stink"
Guy: (Walks away)
Girl: "Goody twoshoes"
by Mr.Gira November 29, 2011
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