The action of falsely gaining someones attention, or gaining someones attention with no intention of talking to that person
man 1: excuse me?
man 2: yes?
man 1: (looks away as man 2 walks off)...Ladge.
by edude77 September 11, 2004
Top Definition
Embarrass, humiliate, show up (North East, UK)
I really ladged myself up", "I don't want to ladge myself
by CherryFoxxx October 12, 2010
Definition: Ladging is when you call someone's name and when they look around to see who is calling them, you hide or just look in another direction.
Background: Just happened one day in an english lesson
Chris: OI JAMES!
James: WHAT!?
Chris: *Looks away* .....Ladge
by Broom September 09, 2004
an expression used once a person's attention has been gained, to tell them that their time has been wasted. generally used to annoy (me) grrrrrr
ladge, ladging, ladged, ladger
rob: oi
me: wot
rob: LADGE!
me: piss off
by hehegotya January 04, 2007
A ladge is a person who is unfashionable/uncool, also "ladgin'"
refers to when somthing imbarassing happens you would feel ladgin.
Girl 1: "my skirt has been tucked into my knickers all day"
Girl 2: "That is so ladgin'"
by Barington November 25, 2004
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