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Another way to say "beleive me"

Used by Lucas far too much
Mate, you gotta come dow' da pub, s'guna be great, trust!
by edude77 February 24, 2005
The action of falsely gaining someones attention, or gaining someones attention with no intention of talking to that person
man 1: excuse me?
man 2: yes?
man 1: (looks away as man 2 walks off)...Ladge.
by edude77 September 11, 2004
The mating call of the male species when a boner is acheived.
"Hey, the officer's up! Go go gadget dick!"
by edude77 January 28, 2005
80's band, 3 chicks, popular for doing the song on the "Venus" leg razor adverts.

Can also be used as a term in the sense of something being unfortunate, but funny at the same time
Dude, that guy just fell over. What a banarama
by edude77 November 11, 2004
A shorter, much more comical way of saying "in the brown," used by northerners. The brown is the anus, by the way
"Oh my goodness, I can't beleive he took it int brown!"
by edude77 May 13, 2005
Spanish for "Riding school"

Alternately, a spanish name for a layby upon a motorway in which gays go to commit certain sexual acts with each other (or goats)
"Hey Carlos,I'm going to the picadero, wanna come?"
"Sure Antonio, I'll bring the butter"
by edude77 November 25, 2004
To "mace" somethign, is to steal it from somebody else, usually against the law.

A fair mace however, is completely legal and cannot be solved in a juditional court.

A fair mace only occurs when the person owning the product does not see the product in question getting "maced".
"Dude, you stole my chair!"
"Can't argue with a fair mace my friend"
"Thats true. I'll go sit on this spike."
by edude77 November 25, 2004

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