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Part of the sentence "Oh you, Laddergoat, you so random"
Comes from a playthrough video of Call of juarez: Bound in blood, as seen on youtube. In the video, the player manages to make a goat climb a ladder, making him laugh loudly and say the famous sentence.

The sentence as a whole could be used when someone has said or done something random or very strange.
*Awkward silence*
Bob: I like to mash potatoes with my toes
John: Oh you Laddergoat, you so random!
by Havrefras November 20, 2009
1) Part of the phrase "Oh, you, Laddergoat... You so random!"

2) To be so overcome by giggles during sex that the act cannot be completed.
1) "Hey Liam, can you remember what the Pythagorean Theorem is?"
"Does it involve cake?"
"Oh, you, Laddergoat... You so random."

2) "Liam, did you bang that girl last night?"
"No, when I turned on the Mortal Kombat music for background noise, she started laughing so hard I got laddergoated."
by Shoshirose April 20, 2010
A mythical creature that is said to bring joy, fortune and eternal happiness to those who are lucky enough to obtain one. It also has the ability to cure all physical, mental, chemical and emotional ailments.
Oh dang, I just gots me a laddergoat! What a hootenanny!
by bertie-beetle May 08, 2011
To laugh uncontrollably over something that is random of nature.
Jack Watts taken pick Number 1 in the AFL Draft by Melbourne... Fucking laddergoat!
by Plugg3r January 28, 2011
To watch your friend have sex with your wife in a second story room in your house while you stand on a ladder and fuck his wife just outside the window.
That bastard was sleeping with my wife so I laddergoated him!
by Drez that Nig June 12, 2013
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