The biggest whore you'll ever meet, but she is cool, she is fly, and she can fuck any guy. She is pretty, she isn't nobody to pitty. She'll steal your guy cause she is just that damn fly! Goodbye.
Damn, that bitch is a lacy.

That damn lacy just stole my boyfriend!
by Heather Nichole November 24, 2007
Top Definition
Hard-headed and serious when she needs to be. Fun, crazy and hilarious when she doesn't. Doesn't get punked, can drive you crazy cause she is always right. Love her or hate her, there is no in-between. If you mess with her, you need to run and hide.
Don't mess with that girl, she'll pull a lacy on you and own your ass.
by potterbaum February 03, 2010
noun - The perfect combination of beauty, soul, compassion, and honesty held together in a wrap of humble innocence.
A true Lacy doesn't know she is one.
by torphent February 03, 2010
a tall beautiful brunette who isn't one to mess around with. she's funny, she's smart, and she isn't afraid to be blunt or be herself. If you find a Lacy, make sure you keep her. Lacy's make great friends and even better lovers.
damn, my boy definitely found himself a Lacy.
by profession February 22, 2010
verb: to lacy (someone): To thrash one's opponent severely, displaying great technical skill and control for a prolonged period

noun: a lacying: a severe thrashing in which the one giving the thrashing has displayed great technical skill and control for a prolonged period

phrase: give someone a lacy(ing): thrash someone severely, displaying great technical skill and control for a prolonged period

Joe Calzaghe lacyed Jeff Lacy.

The term was coined by Amsterdam of the East Side Boxing Forum to describe the beating Joe Calzaghe gave Jeff Lacy.
by Decebal October 30, 2007
lacy is funny,smart she is the most fun person i will ever know lacy will all was be my best friend.
fun cool loving funny lacy smart daring cute pretty
by kate_101_123 April 26, 2016
The most disgusting person, who you will ever meet in your entire life. imagine a pig rolling in his own feces for days on end, then rolling up on the steps of your house, on fire. lacy would still be more unpleasant than the pig. A male usually in love with a she male from the phillipines. and whose favorite thing to do in his alone time is to watch cartoon porn, e.g. sonic the hedge hog. to add on to his repulsiveness, he is also extremely minajian (see Nicki Minaj = RETARDED) his mental instability amounts to having multiple voices inside his head, having a list which is in order of the people he wishes to kill, and thinks he is not a retard... constantly quotes the internet show red vs. blue. and is in love with the Japanese show, Kamen riders which is also power rangers. overall this person is a socially unacceptable human being. who also believes he is the descendant of an Irish king... king D' Lacy.
"dude what's that smell"
"oh god thats the smell of Lacy"

"do you see that guy talking to that wall"
"oh thats just Lacy, just ignore him maybe he'll go away"
by Association of Lacy Hater's October 23, 2011
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