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A distressing disorder by which a sufferer is obsessed with the 1986 film Labyrinth, featuring David Bowie.

Symptoms include:
- Excessively quoting lines from the film
- Excessively re-watching the film
- Becoming entranced by the film when it is watched
- Becoming entranced by David Bowie's balls whilst watching
- Noticing David Bowies balls
- Talking like Bowie.
Man: Woah, that smells terrible!
Person: Its the bog of eternal stench!
Man: Labyrinthitis?
Person: Yeah...

Woman: Whatcha dooooing?
Man: Nothing.
Woman: Nothing? Nothing, Tralala?

Person watching film: ....
Other person: Hey, what you watching:
Person watching film: ....
Other person: Is that... You're watching it again?
Person watching film: ....
Other person: HELLO???
Person watching film: ....
Other person: Fine. Be like that. -walks away-
Person watching film: ...Huh? You say something?

Builder: Sorry ladies, path's closed. Turn back.
Girl 1: (in a bowie voice) Turn Back Sarah.
Girl 2: What a pity.
Builder: Poor girls, got Labyrinthitis.
by Definitely Not Simon February 24, 2012
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