Devil, Beelzebub, Lucifer, Mephistopheles, Prince of Darkness, Satan, adversary, archfiend, beast, brute, bête noire, common enemy, dastard, diablo, djinn, dybbuk, enfant terrible, evil one, fiend, genie, hellion, imp, knave, monster, ogre, rogue, scamp, scoundrel, the Erinyes, the Furies, the dickens, villain
Did you see the look on that chicks face?? She is a total LaPierre.
#lapierre #beelzebub #devil #lucifer #mephistopheles #kim
by VMC DOGGGGG February 10, 2011
Top Definition
LaPierre. noun: a unit of measurement signifying 26 deaths by shooting.
E.g.: "There have been 5.6 LaPierres in the USA from Dec 14-24, 2012." (A true fact.)
#lapierre #nra #gun-violence #second amendment #friedman unit
by Fudd, Elmer December 24, 2012
the epitome of all manhood, one that all other males try to elevate oneself too. one that is very confidant almost humorously so. one that takes pain away and replaces with extreme joy. the act of twitterpating.
Amanda was lapierre about Brian.
#confidant #twitterpate #trustworthy #boistrous #humerous
by Amanda Benedict November 03, 2007
The manliest of men. Ruggedly Handsome. Strong.

Characterized by large amounts of forearm hair, chest hair, as well as abnormally large feet & hands. Also has a remarkable sense of humor.

Wow...look at him...he is definetly a LaPierre.
#lapierre #manliest #ruggedly #strong #handsome
by Brian LaPierre November 23, 2007
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