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1.(ahn-FAHN te-REE-bluh) A person who stirs things up in an irresponsible or indiscreet way or has unconventional ideas.

2. Refers to the Enfant Terrible project in Metal Gear Solid in which soldiers were genetically mutated into super soldiers
1. “Doctor Hill keeps writing articles that criticize his fellow physicians; he is becoming known as the enfant terrible of his profession.” From French, meaning “terrible child.”

2. Liquid: There's a killer inside you... You don't have to deny it. We were created to be that way.

Snake: Created?

Liquid: Les enfants terribles... the terrible children. That's what the
project was called. It started in the 1970's. Their plan was to artificially create the most powerful soldier possible. The person that they chose as the model was the man known then as the greatest living soldier in the world...

Snake: Big Boss...
by Jojo Quayson June 17, 2005
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