lymi = love you mean it
sign off your email if you are gay or female: lymi!
by hilary December 17, 2004
Top Definition
Love You, Mean It!

Not JUST for females and gay men, but 1) for anyone desiring to express their love in a quick and effeciant way, OR 2) for those being sarcastic and mocking someones love.
1) Hey Cyn, LYMI!

2) Yeah, Ok, Marti, LYMI... (rolls eyes)
by MartiniGlass July 09, 2010
It is the definitive term of a man comfortable enough in his heterosexuality, to say that he loves everyone, regardless of any traits. Athough the people who popularized it in the beginning were indeed gay.
At the end of any of my e-mails or posts I will place the tag "LYMI" to signify that I appreciate the person whom I am speaking to.
by Jeremy Crow October 02, 2005
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