Lost The Plot: When you loose the plot; go crazy; go insane; no longer no know what you're standing for.
He's gone crazy/insane!
He's lost the plot!
He's LTP!
by dukenemesis September 15, 2007
Top Definition
"Learn to play", mostly used by elitist pricks in games when new players ask questions. "n00bs" brother.
Player1: Hey how do i jump
Player2: ltp
by DeadSnipe January 10, 2009
Little Tiny Pecker

A small and harmless penis
Man you got an LTP, can bearly see it.
by diesel #1 October 05, 2007
An acronym for "Lay The Pipe". Slang for sexual intercourse.
That girl is hot, I'd love to LTP with her.
by Cy February 03, 2005
Likes to Party. A group of extraordinary men dedicated to party time. Lifes never wasted when you are.
"Dude did you hear? LtP is coming to our party"

"Yeah I LtP"
by LtP123 May 30, 2009
to lay the poop short and simple
IDK about you but im gonna go LTP.
by geniusboy/man April 13, 2011
in golf terms it means late tee time please, usually put next to ur name in a competition because u might have something important to do early in the morning, can't get up early very well!! etc
person1: hey theres a competition next week have u put ur name down to play in it
person2: ye but ive put ltp at the end because im not very good at gettin up
person1: lazy bastard!!
by DJ SPYKERZ(SCOUSED OUT) August 25, 2009

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