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Living the life. The opposite of FML (Fuck my life).
Today, I found 20 bucks on the ground! LTL.
by TheRainmaker March 10, 2009
Having a "Lot To Learn". If someone says something that's funny, simply because they have no clue what they're talking about, you substitute LTL for the typically placed lol...
Brendan: You know why Chinese people are so short?
Adam: No, why?
Brendan: Because of the radiation from when we bombed them after Pearl Harbor.
Adam: LTL about Japan Brendan... LTL about Japan...
by TheAlexHodge January 28, 2011
Lunch time loving - Normally with a work colleague
I'm going to link Sarah for some "LTL"
by SOM41 April 16, 2008
Living The Life
Live The Life
*commonly used as a hashtag
*walking around in LA, using life as your runway*
"This is LTL"
by WOAHWOAH July 26, 2012
well, this is a shortning for Learn to listen. i heard it on Wow some time ago,
i saw a guy say to his healer in Wow- Deadmines: wtf, u noob ltl!
by Wacram Glaziuz August 06, 2006
Learn To Live; often used on twitter to express when somebody is not fulfilling life to it's full potential by pretending that they are.
It can also be used to tell somebody that they are using out of date hashtags on twitter.
"#YOLO going to Taco Bell"
Reply "Dude, #LTL"
by LearnToLive July 02, 2013
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