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a crack smoking ex-linebacker of the super bowl winning new york giants
man l.t. was all whacked out on crack, he had 23 tackles in one game.
by ihatecooper January 30, 2004
used by many charger football fans referring to the most unstoppable running back in the league.
oh man did u see LT kill the patriots on october 2, 2005?
yea that was almost as crazy as tom ladytom brady crying about losing to run into the lockerroom in tears
by sinsuan-jr October 04, 2005
1. Ladainian Tomlinson
2. Lawrence Taylor
3. Left Tackle
4. Lieutenant
1. SD Chargers HB
2. NY Giants LB back in the 80's
3. Walter Jones, Levi Jones
4. Rank in Army
by GDawgAnthony December 02, 2006
Abbreviation for the military rank of Lieutenant.
"LT the drop zone is clear"
by gendred October 05, 2003
Response used a lot on facebook chats. Means: "Love(d) This/That" in agreement/support with whatever was posted.
Something funny is posted. (ie a kitten nipping a puppy)

LT TY <--- Love that. Thank you.

LT TYSVM! <--- Loved this. Thank you so very much!
by Richard98402 May 16, 2013
"Link text" (commonly used in message boards), literally meaning text linking to another website.
Topic: Check out this website! (lt)
Message: (The website)
by Evans Lee October 01, 2006
1. Either one of the best linebackers ever (Lawrence Taylor) or one of the best running backs ever (Ladanian Tomlinson).

2. Small man with incrediblely good taste and an infinite sense of self-deprecation.
Keep it up, I'll drop you like L.T. on a QB.
by Pyrothius February 06, 2010