The team that lost to Arkansas on Novemeber 23, 2007 in the 3rd overtime, 50 - 48.
They were #1 seeded at 10-1 while Arkansas was 7-4
Hey! did you hear that Arkansas beat LSU on the last game of the season, knocking LSU out of the #1 ranking!
by Ohh holy foolsss November 23, 2007
Where residents of Louisiana go because they couldn't get in to Tulane and where non-residents of Louisiana go to drink. That's it.
My friend from Florida came here to study, but is now an alcoholic while I, being from New Orleans, get a tuition break because I graduated from the worst public school system in America.
by LSU has a good football team March 08, 2004
All LSU students know how to do is drink and cheer for their sports teams. Until they learn to grow up, LSU will never be considered a good school.
The SAT owns LSU
by jooji May 01, 2004
LSU (also known as Louisiana State University) is home to numerous loud and obnoxious coon-ass douchebags. The university was founded and is run by the dodgiest of politicians and criminals that Louisiana could gather and manage to put in suits and shoes. Somehow, the state of Louisiana justifies LSU's existence because the football program is only slightly better than the New Orleans Saints.

What is worse than the shaved apes that LSU calls men, LSU women wear fake fur, tiger-striped coats to football games and look like well-used, truck-stop whores who were dragged down I-10 by their pimps.

LSU is not really a college. It's a place where Louisiana's fanciest white trash send their sons, daughters, and incestuous mistakes to spend 5 to 7 years fucking around, drinking, and learning etiquette such as how not to shit on the lawn and which spork is the proper dinner spork with which to eat their roadkill gumbo.

LSU holds contempt for every other institution in the SEC for the sole reason that every other institution actually manages to educate their students and because none of the other athletics teams in the SEC have to rely on the state penal system for recruits.
Boy, I'm glad I'm not at LSU - the school colors are gay and I really want to avoid working in the fast-food or erotic entertainment industries. Thank God, I'm literate, which is why I'm much better off here at Ole Miss. Hotty Toddy!
by Faulknerswhiskey April 28, 2006
The University of Tennessee had their worst football season since the mid 80s in 2005. The Vols were piss poor...and we still beat LSU's ass in Baton Rouge. Hell ya'll might as well be Ole Miss cause you sure as hell ain't on the level of other SEC programs like UT, Alabama, or Auburn.
Every single Manning is from Louisiana and not a one of them went to LSU. That should tell you something.
by AP Money April 06, 2006
NOT the 2004 College Football Champs.
School unable to finsih in top 10 after winning HALF of the 2003 National Title.
USC was able to repeat as College Football's National Champions, unlike the leauxly lsu tiggers
by Geaux bite me September 26, 2005

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