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A LSD Trip is when you take LSD and 'trip'. When somebody says they are tripping, this means that they're hallucinating. If it's a good trip, the person will spend most of his/her time watching colors fly around them while laughing or looking amazed. If it's a bad trip, the person could be filled with fear and anxiety. It's amazing how a trip can go from good, to bad, and even back to good very suddenly.
Guy 1: Dude, that was a crazy LSD trip we went on last night
Guy 2: Hell yeah, after it hit me, I don't even remember moving from my bed until after it finished peaking.

Guy 1: Hell yeah, we should go on a shroom trip next time.
by tnt_blowitup March 07, 2011
the awsome moment when you start redebating reality because reality has never been right in the first place

doing a piss and watching the toilet melt is the best

a muther fucker never knows where he is on lsdtrips just tripping around his own world as far away from reality as he can be
1=kick flips on lsdtrips

2=being that mad cunt running amuk through reality not sure weather to come back or just keep lovin the lsdtrips like a mad tripper trips like no trip ever tripped

3=living in the world that involves mushroom men on lsdtrips trippin like a mutha fukin mushroom should trip
by pregasurus hunter September 17, 2011
Going to a nearby city to procure narcotics when living in the suburbs.

L: Local
C: City
D: Drug
Jim & I went on a 4 hour "LSD Trip" last night.
by Phillz February 07, 2010
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