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2 definitions by tnt_blowitup

A LSD Trip is when you take LSD and 'trip'. When somebody says they are tripping, this means that they're hallucinating. If it's a good trip, the person will spend most of his/her time watching colors fly around them while laughing or looking amazed. If it's a bad trip, the person could be filled with fear and anxiety. It's amazing how a trip can go from good, to bad, and even back to good very suddenly.
Guy 1: Dude, that was a crazy LSD trip we went on last night
Guy 2: Hell yeah, after it hit me, I don't even remember moving from my bed until after it finished peaking.

Guy 1: Hell yeah, we should go on a shroom trip next time.
by tnt_blowitup March 07, 2011
Short for blotter, as in blotter paper. In drug culture, LSD is commonly absorbed into this paper and sold as 'hits'. A single blot is normally smaller than a postage stamp.
Guy: How much for 2 blots?
Dealer: Ten bucks, but they're strong man
by tnt_blowitup March 07, 2011