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Lpoa= Little Puff of Air. This is for all those people who type "Lol" and don't actually "lol" we all know everytime we type "lol" we normally just smile and a little puff of air (Lpoa) escapes.
I forgot to unbuckle my seatbelt in the car and I tried to get out, Lpoa!

Synonym(s): smiling, huff, puff, internal laughing, happy
Antonym(s): anger, frowning, sadness, unhappy, distraught
by Karlyemcfarley June 25, 2015
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Lip Packers Of America. You pack a lip of chewing tobacco on a regular basis
Man me and my LPOA buddies are heading out to the bridge to break in a new can. You wanna come?
by M44Gunner September 26, 2010

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