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Means Laughing Our Pants Off.
Someone says something funny so you say lopo
by Tess Rhianna Griffith March 08, 2010
To have LOw POtential in regards to career development. Such a feat is acheived by any (or all) of the following: extended luches, lack of focus, tiredness/sleeping on the job, speaking in code to mask inappropriate dialogue, being overweight or moving to DeKalb.
Rather than taking a call, LOPO puts his feet on the desk and eats more of his lunch.
by Kirk Gregory February 24, 2006
A nickname for the police in Lake Oswego, Oregon who do nothing but bust parties and write tickets for people who are 1 MPH above the speed limit, especially on Country Club Road.
Person 1: Why so sad?
Person 2: The fuckin' LOPO gave me a ticket when I was on Country Club the other day, I don't even think I was breaking the speed limit.
Person 1: Man, fuck the LOPO!
by mikewho50 March 24, 2010
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