Derived from the combination of the words "loser" and "boob". Someone who has no sense of reality, or social skills.
That loob just spent his passing period arranging his pencils in color-order before the test.
by Tom-R March 08, 2010
Top Definition
Acronym for Laugh Out Of Breath.
Person 1: *tells a joke*
Person 2: "LOOB. That was so funny man"
by Gangsta29072349 December 28, 2008
boobs that either are placed lower on a girl's torso than usual or have sagged beyond the point that is considered normal
Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your loobs!
by Ice Irving April 20, 2010
A combination of 'Love' and 'Boob', Loob is defined as the unconditional love for books. Its verb form, Loobing, refers to the act of making love to boobs. Similarly, a person who makes love to boobs is known as a Loober.
Taha : I heard O.j. was Loobing Adeema all night.
Noman : Yeah, he's such a Loober.

O.j : Hey guys, you won't believe who I loobed last night!
by Loobing all night April 09, 2014
similar to moobs,
men who have less boobs but still have them
ermmm let me think....who has loobs
by alicemg April 29, 2006
If you ever spot the word written 'loob' tell the person writing it to foad because it should be l00b.

See l00b.
"Lmao loobed"
"OMFGZ WTF MATEZ?!?!?! It's l00b AIGHT?"
"ok, seen"
by MCMLXXXIV March 18, 2005
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