Top Definition
Advanced form of LOL
LOLQ is Laughing Out Loud, Quack. Used in the event that you laugh vigorously enough to make nasal sounds. Or in the event that you are a duck.
Ayn: my full name is Ayn Sehl Rassier. if that doesn't look like a foreign exchange student idk what does
Brad: Must mess with the telemarketer's heads.
Ayn:I get rass-e-a when they try to be all smart and french, lol
Brad: LOLQ!
by Bradley Scott August 10, 2008
laugh out loud quietly
it was real late and i usually lol but i had to lolq..teehee
by sammii3!! March 22, 2010
Much more fun than just saying "LOL", or "LOLZ".
Person 1: "Hey, did you see that funny vid on youtube?"

Person 2: "LOLQ! That was so funny!
by LOLQBOY January 24, 2010
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