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Being REALLY sunburned.

Ussualy happens to pale people who try to tan and fail misserably. Or people who forget to use sunscreen.

Doesnt neccesarily have to include peeling but it still hurts like hell.
Man I had a great day and the beach with all those chicks, but my back got COMPLETELY sunfucked
by its_boobookittyfuck March 16, 2009
Infomercials. They may not all be complete scams but the products sure dont work as well as they do in the comercial.

From the product commercial, Sham Wow.
I bought my sham wow...it was a scam wow
by Its_boobookittyfuck March 18, 2009
1.Pomegranite Flavoried Vitamin water.

It says XXX on the label and that delightful message underneath it..

And it just sounds funny and gets great responses out of people
Jack: (sees jess)
Whatcha drinking? :)

Jessica: Porn Juice

Jack: o__O?
by its_boobookittyfuck March 22, 2009
A term used with lol and k (short for ok) combined.

A lot of people put lol at the end of a sentence to make it seem complete.

normally used it as a question
Hes going to call me to get his shirt back meet me there lok?
by Its_boobookittyfuck February 09, 2009
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