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lofsac: verb, adj., acronym.
Lying On Floor Staring At Ceiling.

Those moments you're listening to a certain type of song that causes you to completely lose yourself in the moment/in the song, & makes you want to just get on the floor, stare at the ceiling and lie there, blasting the song on some speakers.

People can have playlists full of lofsac songs & can spend days just lofsac-ing.

Alternative term (for outdoors-y people): lofsas - Lying On Floor Staring At Sky/Stars
"Duuude, that song is sooo lofsac."

"Did you get lots of work done yesterday?"
"Nah man, just lofsac-ed all day."

"I'm feeling so crap, I don't wanna do anything..."
"Come over and we can get lofsac-ing"
by QTπ94 June 01, 2014
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