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The League of Extraordinary Pimps; a group based in bethesda and made up of a small group of the biggest player pimps known to mankind; every girl in the metropolitian area has probably been tapped by a member of this elite group; the group was started by jgrun a player pimp asshole, and this playa recurited others, such as his butt buddy for life tlawler....the members of this group use certain words and it's sometimes hard to understand them when they talk among themselves; if you have a sister or girlfriend in this area watch out because they have probably been tapped by one of these playas or will be tapped very soon
Loep Member: Hey girl what up, you wanna hang
Girl: Umm I dont know I heard you play alot of girls
LM: o haha no these are just rumors, trust me..
Girl: ok fine
LM: o hewego
by Ms. Truth December 04, 2007
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