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Acronym for Loyalty Over Everything

LOE is a movement started in the DMV area.
Following LOE is keeping it 100 and staying true to your hood and your fam.
by keepsit100 July 17, 2011
A word that symbolizes a feeling so beyond normal love that the v has been omitted. Is widely considered far stronger than normal love and is only shared between deep, true soulmates.
"Love does not say what I mean anymore. My angel, I think...I think I loe you."
by God of Loe April 09, 2010
More than love.

Typically a misspelling of the word love while typing
"I loe you!"
"Awww, i loe you too!!!"
by lyssim July 02, 2009
Laugh or else
Person 1: (funny joke)

Person 2: That's racist.

Person 1: LOE!
by Alfalfa140 January 24, 2010
usually refering to a low-life,loser and hoe at the same time..
dang u see that girl,shes such a loe!!!
by Natty a.k.a day dai February 16, 2006
short for League of Epic.
Holy shit, that guy in the shades blasting Lady Gaga out of the speakers of his red convertible is so cool. I bet he's LOE.
by ohaiguysilysupdude April 23, 2009
The gangster way of saying lol (laughing out loud)
loe loe, that was mad joke dawwg.
by The real eDog December 14, 2006

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