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An acronym for "laughing my uterus off). Is used in place of LMAO and is much funnier. It really only works for girls, but guys say it too.
I saw the funniest thing ever happen today!! LMUO
by Sam&Mycah August 09, 2011
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1. Acronym for "laughing my underwear off".

2. Used as a smart substitute for "laughing my a$$ off". After all, where would you be without your a$$?

3. Usually used in instant messaging, lmuo is used to indicate laughter. See also lol and lmao.

4. May be written as "lmfuo" to indicate extreme amusement. See lmfao.

Joe: OMG, chelsea walked into a door!

Bob: lmuo!
by gopherr January 28, 2009
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Instead of saying "laughing my ass of" it's more hilliarous to say "laughing my unicorn off" only use this phrase on social media:)
Ricky:He broke his arm because Lindsey Lohan was in a wrestling match

by Blanker securitising September 03, 2016
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