Left a message to call the office (LMTO)
When a creditor writes up details of the conversation on their account. LMTO
by Bailiff August 11, 2010
Laughing My Turban Off
Steve: Whats black and white and red all over?
Iain: I dont know?
Steve: A penguin with sunburn
Iain: LMTO
by DannyR2811 March 02, 2010
Laughing my tail off, waay cooler than laughing your behind off.
person 1: i fell down the stairs today :
person 2: LMTO sucks for you
by personwithnolife=D April 12, 2010
Laughing my tail off, the furry variation to LMAO
<Nite> My processor's a bloody 255 MHz cyrix :P
<Chris> lmto
by Nite May 05, 2004
the act of laughing so hard your tit falls off
damnnn, look at that she really ment it when she said "lmto"
by wiscansin/new yawwk June 20, 2009
The female counter to LMAO (laugh my ass off),Only to be used on the internet which means laugh my Tits off..It was made up by a girl name shakira from brooklyn.
AOL person 1: Im sayin unny stuff
AoL person 2: LMTO
by KaRE BEAR April 20, 2004
Laughing my taint off. Variation of laughing my ass off.
Your clever IM comeback was so funny it had me LMTO.
by Joey Tata February 14, 2009
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