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Stands for lick my sweaty ball sack; a drink composed of vodka, energy drink and lime cordial. It tastes a bit like cough medicine and smells like nail varnish remover, yum.
Alex: "Would you like some lmsbs?"
Gemma: "why yes please, I would love some!"
by eyebrowsyum January 02, 2010
Lick My Sweaty Ballsack
"You are such a fucktard, wtf is your problem? LMSBS"
"No, you LMSBS, Bitch!"
by lmsbs master August 26, 2009
Created during a boring day, it has become standard abbreviation for "Lick My Sweaty Ball Sack", commonly used during msn conversations.
Alex : I fucked ur mum
Tom : Did u now?? u dirty spunkbubble!
Alex : lmsbs mutherfucker!
Tom : Cock it
by Wisemayno September 01, 2009
Lick My Sweaty Balls
LMSB, Glen
by BZWX January 22, 2009
(acronym) Lick My Slit Bitch
person 1: GOD you're such a skank!
person 2: FYCN
person 1: LMSB
by Shisaa June 23, 2009