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To LMFAO and fap at the same time.
Girl 1: So last night I looked up that Crystal Renaud 'Dirty Girls Ministry' video and totally LMFAPed myself to sleep!
Girl 2: You sick bitch! There's nothing like an irony fap.
by AllThatAndMore August 31, 2011
Lmfap; pronounced Elm-Fap.

definition- one making their fucking ass pussy laugh?
Me: i like homo though. I am soo homo its deadly.
Sabrina: lmfao, homobomb!
by KaylaKrusifix December 20, 2010


Use It Dont Abuse It.
person 1:so person 2 who came up with these names anywho why not person Alpha and person Beta
person 2: LMFAP ur stupid
by versedaaron May 10, 2008

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