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1. Laughing my eye out
Amber: You know how there are people who have dicks and pussies? Well, what if somehow, conjoined twins like fused together in the womb, and then a guy was born with two dicks.
Sami (me): LMEO
Amber: Don't laugh Sami, this is Science.
by [SAMi] August 31, 2006
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an internet acronym similar to lmao which means laughing my eyes out
guy 1:hey man i was running for the bus and then i tripped and fell and it pulled of

guy 2:lmeo
by dabullty December 09, 2009
Laughing My Egg Off
used by Tactical Eggs (Tactical Ops clan) instead of lmao.
by EggXzaB October 16, 2003

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