Letter of Mass Destruction. (noun or verb); Correspondence from one to another that typically highlights faults and vulnerabilities in the recipient. Most commonly seen as venting, although primarily used as a vehicle to communicate the un-said while involved in a relationship.
Jane: "So what finally happened between you two?"

Joe: "I just couldn't take the rejection anymore, so I LMD'd her after she walked out, telling her all of the things no one else probably ever had."
by ovits September 14, 2005
Top Definition
This Word Means: Lick My Dick.
You: Hey Julie!
Julie: What?
You: LMD!
Julie: Ok! Lets Go!
You: Sweeet!
by StephenOMG March 01, 2008
Let me die.
That moment when you think a bug is crawling on you, and it turns out to be true. LMD

A FML moment. LMD

Pretty much you go, JUST LET ME DIE!

Wish this never happened. LMD
by misspinkyperfectionnnll July 09, 2011
Like My Dick.
Man, that movie was awesome, LMD!
Dude, that fish you caught is huge, LMD.
The ant was tiny, LMD.
by ChuckyX-1909 June 04, 2009
Let Me Down
Tommy:"Hey man where were you last night? You were meant to come to the party with me!"

Mo:"I know but I ate a dodgy kebabs and got the shits"

Tommy:"You LMD!"

Mo:"I know..."
by AAAAALI June 06, 2010
Lick My Dick. Similar to KMD (Kiss My Dick)

You just got pwned!

LMD you asshole.
by Zender September 18, 2007
Laugh my dick stiff
"The joke you told me yesterday made me LMDS"
by thatshannonguy February 04, 2010
Let Me Dominate.This is a friendly yet demeaning acronym to say to your best friends. Similar to LMR, LMP, LML
LMD! Bitches
by xdaddy July 24, 2009

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