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One of the longest internet acronyms, LMAOROTFBTCSTCNDBFOOTWIFOAGWLLBGWTHROOTSAIAKBAYB, stands for "Laughing My Ass Off Rolling On The Floor, Biting The Carpet, Scaring The Cat, Nearly Dying By Falling Out Of The Window In Front Of A Guy Who Looks Like Bill Gates, Who Then Horrified, Runs Out On The Street And Is Accidentally Killed By A Yellow Bulldozer".

To be used when something is INCREDIBLY funny. Should not be used unless you are ACTUALLY laughing.
Person 1: " .. and that's when the banker said 'That's not the golfer! That's my wife!' "
by ainzeldeeee November 18, 2009
Laughing my ass off rolling on the floor biting the carpet, scaring the cat, nearly dying by falling out of the window in front of a guy who looks like Bill Gates, who then horrified runs out on the street and is accidentally killed by a yellow bulldozer
boy1 (tells joke)

by albert the apple January 27, 2010
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