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A fight leading to separation. This can occur in any relationship, including families and frinedships. The separated parties generally pretend that those on the other side no longer exist.
Mike: Should we stay at Jeff's place tonight?
Tim: No way man. Me and him had a falling out.
by fox April 25, 2005
A term used by wildland fire fighters. refers to the act of a person who cannot keep up with the rest of the crew during a hike.
john! you had better not fall out again or its 2-a-days for the next month.
by leroy December 27, 2003
To pass out or to fall on the floor in emotional distress.
I was running the mile in PE and when I got done I was practically falling out.


When Gina found out her baby had cancer, she was falling out all over the place.
by SMXT November 15, 2009
A term meaning 'to lose consciousness' due to a person's over consumption of GHB. Minutes and/or, sometimes, hours later, they tend to regain consciousness and are, fully awake, cognizant of their environment.
She can't handle her G, honey, she's about to fall out.


We call Adrian "Fall Out Boy" as he is often falling out at every party.
by Jibber McJibberton July 06, 2010
A term used by tweakers. To crash. Pass Out To fall asleep suddenly, in class. To stumble, run into something, fall out of a chair. To fall asleep at red lights, stop-signs, or any other boring stretch of road, usually after being up for days.
Man Joe was so messed up when he wrecked his car, he kept falling out on the way back from OzFest. Every time we got a Red light he'd fall out, we were cracking up 'til people started honking and rubber-necking as they drove by. I told him he should have taken a Power nap before we left, and he said that's what red lights are for!
by lostlyricist February 04, 2010
falling out is a term used by heroin users, meaning to overdose.
"a bunch of my junkie friends have been falling out on that brand of dope."
by mstrsso'pain February 24, 2006
Falling Out is quite possibly the band Ween(s) best produced song by far. their album white chocolate hold this titled track.
Wow dude, did you hear that awsome song by "WEEN" ?!?!? its called Falling out or something, i didnt know those guys made good music!
by MiniMoogle September 23, 2004
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