LNN can also mean LAUGH LIKE NIALL if you're a Directioner.
So,if you see this word on One Direction pics it probably means that.
*funny pic of Louis and Niall*
Someone on facebook: OMG that's so funny,I'm dying here! XD

Another person: HAHAHAH. ;DD LLN!
by DirectionSwifty13 May 17, 2012
Laugh Like Niall. Niall as in the hot blonde from the sexy homosexual band One Direction. Niall is known for his amazing laugh, so some directioners say LLN instead of LOL.
Zoe: Louis just kissed Harry's face onstage!

Other Directioner: LLN! I love that homo!
by Mrs. Stypayhoralikson July 02, 2012
Lol Lol Neanderthal

When something is so humourous it has passed the level of "LOL" or "LAWLZ" and can only be described as LLN
Hank wants to go to prom with Harriett! Are you kidding?! She's way better looking than him! LLN BRO. LLN.
by A.Johnson April 08, 2011

When something is just so funny, there is not other way to describe it but LLN.

Something hysterically strange.
Rachael thinks she's pretty?! LLN BRO. LLN.
by Napoleon Boneherpartz April 23, 2011
Laugh Like Niall. Used by fans of One Direction(Directioners) in replacement for LOL. Created April 28, 2012.

Normal people: LOL - Laugh Out Loud.
Directioners: LLN - Laugh Like Niall.
LLN! Louis was really funny.

LLNed at Harry's pose.
by F. Sparks April 28, 2012
A abbreviation for the phrase 'laugh like Niall'.
Originated because of the adorable laugh of Mr Horan, only Irish member of the British/Irish boyband, One Direction.
'lol' was becoming too frequent in the 1D Family so Directioners now use the phrase lln instead.
*gif of the boys and Paul dancing*

Directioner 1: HAHAHAHAH A++++++
Directioner 2: IKR, LLN!!!!
by indiastyles April 30, 2012
Laugh Like Niall

Niall Horan is the adorable leprechaun who can laugh for hours about anything <3
Person A: *tells hilarious joke*
Person B: LLN!
by D-E-R-R-R-R-R-R How Many Rs? 6 April 29, 2012
If you are a directioner, and something is ridiculously funny, you LLN.. Laugh Like Niall
by lauren horan April 27, 2012

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