Large booty blonde
Damn check out that LBB
by matt October 12, 2003
short for "Lemon Lime and Bitters", a very refreshing Non-Alcoholic beverage popular at pubs and hotels.
Made from Lemonade, Lime Juice/Cordial and Angostura Bitters
"Id like an LLB thanks bartender"
"I am the designated driver tonight boys, ill be drinking LLB's"
"I need a refreshing drink to get the taste of vodka out of my mouth, get me an LLB thanks love"
by MasterIW January 11, 2009
No, I didn't LOL, LMAO, ROFL at your stupid text message. I LLB, laughed a little bit (LLB)
Response: LLB
by therealodin October 21, 2013
lazy lesbian bitch
Jodie, your such a llb
by Jodie,Mckenna June 19, 2009
A lazy, lesbian, bitch.
like omg. that girl is such a llb! said thomas.

the girl replies; "ooh voodka"

yupp "a llb fo sho" adds lewis
by thomasmorton June 19, 2009
when you say someone is LLB it means he/she is acting to Look Like Busy.

This is common in most office environment where everyone sitting in front of PC types away furiously at the keyboard, but actually they are surfing the internet or chatting with friends.
1. When the boss came into office, all of us LLB.

2. We need hardworking people here, not who does LLB
by Gurkha Guru Singh January 10, 2008
load lovin bitch a beezie who loves loads wheather it be pipe loads or pipeloads
iam currently takin loads for pipe loads cause iam a llb
by jean baker March 27, 2008

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