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Learn How to Fucking Spell.

A phrase used by REAL Hackers/Crackers who are annoyed by Script Kiddies and other wanna-be "Hackers" that use so-called "Leet Speak" (L337 5P34K) -- especially if the "Leet Speak" is over-used, or used inncoorectly.

See also: LHFT

Wanna-Be Script Kiddie: I M 4 L337 H4X0R!
Wanna-Be Script Kiddie: W1T M4D 5X177Z!

Real Hacker: LHFS, moron!
by Pseudo Wisdom November 28, 2008
Long Haired Fucker
Where'd that LHF go?
by Hey Mom! September 10, 2013

Someone who goes above and beyound, the lines of gayness.
Ryan is a LHF all he ever does is talk about nuts!!!
by Kimoman March 22, 2008
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