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Abbreviation for "link goes to." Usage is primarily, though not limited to chat rooms, forums and comment sections of websites such as fark.com.
LGT GIS "Link goes to Google Image Search"
by run4urlife August 09, 2006
Subaru Legacy GT, a Badd ass vehicle

New York Times DriveTimes
Top 10 2005 Vehicles for Haunting:
"Subaru Legacy GT: There's no end to the mischief you could get into behind the wheel of the Legacy GT. Its standard-issue Subie exterior masks a gut-twisting 250-hp engine. This dark steed is for all those who've ever needed to make a quick getaway and disappear into the night."
dude what kind of car is that?, "its a LGT" ohh its bad ass "yea i know"
by Snigity March 23, 2006