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LGM is abbreviated for "Little Girl Magic".

1. Little Girl Magic is the magic aura that emits from little girls. (Lolicon is a related article.)
It's a magic so innocent and so sincere it beckons a true hero to keep it sacred.
In some cases a hero may need to defile the magic to keep it sacred.
Such is the way of LGM.

2. Some sort of radiation that emits from photogenic girls of ages 4-14.
It's nothing sexual, rather it's like hearing someone tell you that they love the smell of donuts, and the ideas and feelings it gives them, but that it has nothing to do with desire to eat those donuts.
"Dude! That girl has some serious amount of LGM!"

"I'm no pedophile, but DANG, LGM alert!"
by Sir Benjamin Tennyson October 27, 2013
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basics of the word is a txt slang used to denote a feeling break down of the word is Lets Go Mental, when a feeling of euphoria is felt towards an occasion or when you feel like throwing caution to the wind or wanting to have tell every one to just go that little bit mental
send a TXT to a mate askin if he wants to go to pub and he says not sure working tommorrow you to get o come on LGM its friday
by Barry Boom May 09, 2008
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An acronym for 'let's get maggot'. Used as a quick explanation/question to friends when you have no real plans but know you will be getting very merry.
A:"hey mary, what are you up to tonight?
M: "not sure Angus, LGM?"
A: "sounds good, i'll be at your's in 20"
by erceem June 02, 2011
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Little Green Men, a reference to extraterrestrial intelligent life of a generally humanoid shape. Originated with early to mid-20th century science fiction characterizations and newspaper references to reports of supposed contact between humans and aliens.
... and at the end of the flick*, all these weird-lookin' LGMs come out of the spaceship and kinda wander around, like they're all high or somethin'. Hey, maybe that's what all that smoke is! The LGMs came to earth for the pot!

*Close Encounters of the Third Kind
via giphy
by Uncle Genie January 10, 2016
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