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Live For This:

a way of life; a source for entertainment; your reason for living
LFT has the best news in entertainment, concerts and music
by mr.getitright July 21, 2011
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Little flying thing. They often appear in warmer temperatures.
"Damn, there are a lot of LFTs out tonight (swats hands around)!"
by superajkfdn May 21, 2009
Looking for trouble, as sung beautifully by Coco of Quadron.
Damn that girl is so LFT right now
by ArtemisCadeau June 16, 2014
Common acronym in MMo's... means looking for team
lvl 30 player lft doing quests.
by RedClaw September 16, 2004
Looking forward to (or "looking forward to it")
i'm lft see you next week at the party.
-we should hang out tomorrow!
-yeah i'm lfti
by gossipgirlxxoxox September 03, 2010
Learn from this
im sorry that you got hit by a car, but next time dont j walk. LFT!
by finallyyourlessonislearned.. January 08, 2011
Stands for "Lads From Tonga"; a wannabe gang in the outter-west of Sydney, NSW Australia. This wannabe gang consists of savages or otherwise said, people who assume they are living the civilised life*. However in true definition, these young chumps are nothing but a bunch of "cum" covered wankers, or rubbers depending on whether or not they have a legitimate penis - in my opinion, I could only think that they lack this essential nessecity however its not essential when they're bringing down the human race. L.F.T. are, in the most simple definition (for the "simplest" of minds), a bunch of "MOHE'ULI"'s who think they're "hardcore" which of course they are far from.

We LFT... mum.
by The-REAL-Sydney May 04, 2011

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