look for green

the act of looking for weed.
Person1: lfg
Person2: okay man got you.
by Helen10101010 October 24, 2011
Lez (let's) Fuckin Go
We smash on kitty kitties.. LFG!
by lil blizzard March 14, 2010
Used mainly in Guild Wars, an acronym meaning 'Looking For Group'.
W/Mo20 LFG
--Nah, we got too many

Mo/W20 LFG
--Oh! Oh! Join our Group!!
by McSplat August 06, 2005
Long Face Girl... self explanatory.
Hey look! there's LFG!
by Why the Long face? June 08, 2007
lets fucking go
wtf lfg you stupid time wasting biatches
by Anonymous June 05, 2003
Landable fly/float glitch
Glitch that can be done in thps games to float infinitly and do tons of tricks.
That stupid n00b is using an LFG to rack up points...ban him.
by chris March 17, 2003
lonely fat girl, the kind of girl you see longing for a cinnabon at the mall
kimmie from anna nicoles show on e!
by crgharry February 09, 2004

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