A term stemming from B.F.F. that means Lesbial Friends Forever, meaning two girls who seem very "close" friends.
Candice and Jana are so L.F.F., with all their hugging and laughing.
by Mike T1657 December 27, 2007
Top Definition
Acronym for Little Freshman Fucker(s)

This entails/includes either high school or college freshman which we all can agree are little shits we can't stand.
And each year they get worse.
Hey lets go to lunch.

Can't right now, all the LFFs are out and I'll start punching people if I see any today.
by pedaltothemetal August 30, 2010
Commonly Used, in video games.
Known terminology is "Looking For Food"
This was develope in a skype call, with 7 friends.
Unique: "LFF'ing!"
Bob: "I got you $7 per steak m8"
by Uniquehellish April 02, 2016
Lame former friend
A friend you used to have in your life and now they aren't and you realize how lame they are.

I.e "my LFF (Lame former friend) tried to re-add me on Facebook "
by secretlymyself January 04, 2015
Lesotho Friends Forever

*Lesotho is a country in Southern Africa, to which many outsiders love the country because of the sincerety of the Basotho people.

**The accronym represents people who are involved on the Lesotho front in order to combat the poverty and the injustices the country has.
Because we both met through the organization, Help Lesotho, and we both have a strong interest in the country of Lesotho; we consider each other: LFF!
by Rethabile July 10, 2008
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