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What's goin' down for LDW?

Nothin' man. Just barbecuin'.
by OneHotTamale25 September 01, 2011
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"Load 32-bit word from memory or I/O peripheral"
Command in Assembler

Operation: rB <- Mem32rA+f(IMM14)

Assembler syntax: ldw rB, byte_offset(rA)

Description: Computes the effective byte address specified by the sum of rA and the instruction's signed 16-bit value. Loads register rB with the memory word located at the effective byte address. The effective byte address must be word aligned. If the byte address is not a multiple of 4, the operation is undefined.

Usage: In processors with a data cache, this instruction may retrieve the desired data from the cache instead of from memory. For more information on data cache, see the 'Cache and Tightly-Coupled Memory' chapter of the 'Nios II Software Developer's Handbook'.

Instruction type: I

Instruction fields: A=Register index of operand rA
B=Register index of operand rB
IMM16=16-bit signed immediate value
ldw r6,100(r5)
ldw r7,104(r3)
ldw r8,108(r7)
by Dennis Ã…hlin February 06, 2008
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(1)A peice of shit.
(2)Something that refers to a brown or black object.
(1)I had to drop an LDW off at the pool.
(2)Thats not a candy bar in the pool,it's an LDW.
(3)Look at the LDW Hawk flying in the sky.
(4)WTF mutha fucka? Did you just ldw yo self? Check them nasty drawas!
by *=SAS=*VeNoM July 27, 2005
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Dude stop being an LDW and come to the bar
by Rohm is Burning March 04, 2016
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LDW is a sorta wizards way of defining,describing,detailing and demonstrating a very strange phenomona.having extensivly researched these 3 yellow letters that mean so much to me (and some others?)i am left feeling frustrated and empty at my lack of luck in reaching the true roots of the galaxy of origin from wence it "came"
i no of only one true thoroughbred example known to the world leaders and politicians.the best way to describe LDW is to start at the top and work gently and cautiously down making sure both east and west outer regions are observed fully.standing a mere 5 feet tall and revealing a girth similar to that of an elephants swollen member you can only find this beast where ghosts and buttons are hard my fellow dubya hunters for he that seeks shall find and the rewards will be so,so special.
by conger eel October 22, 2004
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