A type of computer monitor or TV that, although thin and light, has a shitty picture compared to the bulkier and heavier picture tube monitors and TVs.
Person 1: "I just paid 3 times the amount of money for my monitor as you did. I got one of those modern, cool thin LCDs."

Person 2: "Yes, but the text on that piece of shit is blurry, and colors that should look grey are blue or pink. That LCD monitor is crap."

Person 1: "Yes, but I look modern and up to date with my trendy monitor."

Person 2: "You are a dumb shit."
by MsAgro July 23, 2006
Top Definition

Type of monitor architecture used with laptops. LCD flat-panel monitors can also be purchased with VGA or DVI connectors for use with a PC. These usually offer a crisper and easier to look at image while saving a lot of desk space.

LCD monitors are usually 2-3 times more expensive than regular CRT monitors of the same size. LCD monitors are also known for having low maximum resolutions. Today's larger LCD monitors can usually only display 1280x1024 on the highest setting.

There are two types of LCDs, Passive Matrix and Active Matrix. Most LCDs today use passive matrix because it is more power efficient.
My new 19" LCD monitor was $700
by Travis March 16, 2004
1) Limited Chest Disorder, also refers to LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screens, suggesting that a female's breasts are as flat as an LCD screen.
1) Damn, all these girls suffer from LCD!
by asdfghjklsemicolonpop July 13, 2010
Liquid crystal display; a technology used in monitors for notebook computers and flat screen monitors for desktop computers.

look LCD
An LCD monitor will cost you more than a traditional one.
by VAKI5 May 12, 2005
...... lowest common denominator, the unevolved, the lowest rung.... They are usually quite undisciplined and have unacceptable modes of behaviour and conduct. They tend to be found in herds or posses necessary for supporting their nefarious activities. They can be found by the trail of victims and suffering they leave behind.
That drug dealer is nothing more than a LCD!
by MsDeeVeeAns March 18, 2008
Liquid Crystal Display

A potent replacement for LSD. Will kill user when internally. Drug is to be viewed. Side effects include suicide, and believing that fictions are real. A very addictive drug. Distribution methods include Laptop, Gaming consoles, mobile phones, etc. More expensive but effects will last for about 5 years or MORE. Somehow, nobody dares to ban LCD because it makes billions of money for multinational corporate stiffs. Estimated number of junkies exceed 1 billion.
Person 1: Wanna watch some blue movies?
Person 2: Sure, why not? I need LCD now. It's already 30 minutes since I had my last dose of LCD.
by Pseudo Man January 26, 2011
1-On the payroll..
from the CARGILL collection....
JIMMY and those around him are LC'd.
by ynkx July 23, 2004
The Miami Heat NBA team from July 2010 onward, featuring LeBron James; Chris Bosh; and Dwyane Wade.
LCD is where it's at. The Lakers and Celtics don't stand a chance anymore.
by HeatFan July 20, 2010

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