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LCB are a prestige small group of individuals founded in Nottingham - UK in 2007.
LCB members now count for under 1% of the human population, some members are not even aware of having LCB membership.
by Jubuto LCB July 03, 2012
Last Class Bash - An all day party/drunk-fest for the last day of classes for University students
Man, I was so fucked up at LCB last night that I woke up in a park 3 miles from my home.
by AozoraPedal April 17, 2010
lau chee bye

{old lady virgina}
l = lau
c = chee
b = bye
by june February 01, 2004
old lady (lau char boh)
l = lau
c = char
b = boh

in english = old lady
by Eric January 28, 2004
little canadian bastard
Shane is a slovenly, socialist, sandal wearing lcb.
by Bob October 19, 2003
long beach to compton
i went lcb?
l c b ?
long beach compton
by lcb king 14 September 08, 2007

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